Essex Boat Works, LLC



Experience matters when it comes to fiberglass repairs and modifications.  Our team at Essex Boat Works has successfully identified and completed extensive cosmetic and high-quality structural fiberglass work.   Whether your boat has simple scratches, osmotic blistering, or major structural problems resulting from impact, we have the skills and experience to handle your yachts fiberglass repairs.  

Our experienced staff of boat builders has the knowledge needed for proper in drive-line set up and alignment, which often come into play following underwater repairs. Boats from around the country have been delivered to our yacht yard for rework and finishing with outstanding results using the best in class fiberglass materials and skilled technicians. 

Before you paint, you should plan for a boat and yacht hull inspection by our fiberglass repair specialist Steve Townsend.  Once the fiberglass and fiberglass blister repairs have been addressed, we will prep the vessel with a barrier coating and bottom painting.