Paint – Varnish

Protect and enjoy the beauty of your yacht with exceptional finish work. Attention to detail is the key to making paint and varnish work shine. Our paint and varnish experts are experienced and skilled in:

  • Surface preparation
  • Fairing applications
  • High-gloss finish work

Prior to painting, we recommend a full boat and yacht hull inspection by our fiberglass repair specialist to identify any necessary structural work repairs to ensure a quality paint application.

Paint and Varnish

We offer a large, quality-controlled facility for paint and varnish work, applying finishes on superstructures, performance anti-fouling bottom coatings, brightwork and more. The spray booth at Essex Boat Works can handle boats up to 60 feet for Awl Grip applications or Gelcoat restoration.

We excel in bringing your brightwork back to its original finish. We also specialize in creating custom accessories to match the brilliance of the existing brightwork on your yacht.

We use the finest materials by:

  • Interlux
  • AwlGrip
  • AlexSeal
  • Pettit

You can expect a top-notch finish result under the professionally skilled workmanship and combined 30 years’ experience of Paint and Varnish Specialist, Chris Falivene, and Paint and Fiberglass Specialist, Captain Steve Townsend. Call now to book into our busy paint and varnish schedule.

Paint and Varnish

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