Why Choose EBW

Then And Now…..The Tradition Continues

Aerial view of Essex Boat Works Circa 1940

On this location in Essex Connecticut ships and yachts have been built and repaired since the late 1700’s. Many of the war ships built here fought in the war of 1812. Shown here are images of Essex Boat Works, circa 1940 and 1950. The EBW name originally appeared on the buildings erected on what we now know as Essex Island Marina. Across the channel on the mainland at the foot of Ferry Street, you will notice the location of the present Essex Boat Works yard.

Aerial view of Essex Boat Works Circa 1954

A few of the original structures still exist but most have long since been rebuilt into modern buildings. The location remains dedicated to the ongoing service and storage of among the regions finest boats and yachts. Essex Boat Works has carried on the tradition of employing the finest craftsman available to ensure – treasured vessels receive the care they require. Over the years we have had the pleasure to maintain, repair and restore many of the regions most notable yachts.

Aerial view of marina

Today the facility is a modern service and storage building with carpentry, mechanical and paint bays and provides slips for yachts of all sizes. Operating the largest lift in Eastern Long Island Sound enables the handling of yachts and commercial boats up to 100 Tons. The huge storage shed can occupy around 60 yachts in all shapes and sizes up to 70′. The yard is equipped with cranes and man lifts needed to properly maintain and repair these larger vessels. An experienced crew is on staff to handle all boat constructions including wood, fiberglass, composite, aluminum and steel. Essex Boat Works and staff have enjoyed building strong relations and affiliations with prestigious yacht builders over the years. Knowledgeable yachtsman from as far away as Maine and Miami choose Essex Boat Works to maintain and store their boats.

Our business is large enough to take on big jobs but small enough to allow you to feel comfortable with your access to the management and staff taking care of your boat. Essex Boat Works is now an all in one location for your future yachting needs. We invite you to stop in or set up an appointment to meet the team.