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My wife and I first met Bob Jarrett of Essex Boat Works early in 2020. We had traveled from out of state looking for a vessel that we could upgrade to. We spent hours with Bob on that first meeting and he provided every bit of information he possibly could regarding that boat of which he knew well. He answered all our questions and even gave us more to think about as we pondered this huge financial decision. Ultimately, we decided against the boat but we both were impressed with Bob’s overall boating knowledge and his easy going, no-pressure communication style. In the Fall later that year we located a Grand Banks in Connecticut that we really liked. I told my wife that it would be a good idea if we had a broker to represent us should the sale take place. Before I could say anything further my wife said, “Why don’t we get Bob!” This was my thought also and we soon had Bob onboard. That was especially prudent of us given we were many states away. The first thing Bob did was to visit the boat and inspect it for himself. Over the years Bob has built quite a boat brand resume but I must say that he is ultimately familiar with Grand Banks Yachts. I learned quite a bit from Bob in short order and it was reassuring to have him along as we spent two full days surveying this boat. When it came time to negotiate Bob was a true professional. I quickly discovered this was not Bob’s first time out and I was thankful I was not going this task alone. Even after the deal was closed Bob continued to be of service aiding me in securing winter storage and scheduling maintenance to correct minor survey discrepancies. As we look forward to a Spring launch and a long trip home Bob is doing his best to ensure that we will be well prepared. Thank-you Bob Jarrett. Everything we assumed about you from our first meeting was confirmed.

Pat and Gail Tagney

From our first “virtual” meeting, I knew Andrea was the real deal. Not just a broker, but a Captain and truly a boat person. She was always very professional and freely gave her opinion and advice. We were looking for a boat that had the ability to become handicap accessible and she was able to find one that was already modified for that purpose. The boat was in Puerto Rico and while we are in the midst of Covid, she willingly made the trip to supervise a survey and haul-out. She worked with the Crew to give us a guided “Virtual Tour” and was careful to point out both the good and bad in a non-judgemental way. This allowed us to make an informed decision about the boat. She worked with us through the negotiations into signing. I’m a new captain and her help and suggestions have been invaluable. She has made herself available to me and continues to help while we prep the boat for transit to the West Coast. With her help and guidance, she has taken an overwhelming endeavor and made it seem easy and routine. We can’t thank her enough.
Bryan F

Andrea knows boats. She listened to our needs and wants and guided us through numerous options. We wanted a high end long range power cruiser; but for that requirement to be affordable we did not expect to purchase a newer model. That objective is not without risk, but Andrea has an experienced eye for design and functionality. As she showed us boats, we were impressed by how she quietly and methodically pointed out limitations as well as features of each vessel. She also freely shared her personal operational tips and access to her connections. As a result, in the months after we closed, we experienced no unpleasant surprises. Andrea is also an experienced ship captain and was extremely helpful advising us so we could quickly become proficient handling our “new” boat. We were able to immediately embark on trip from Florida to Maryland, uneventfully. Andrea is such a pleasure to work with! She doesn’t try to sell, but rather helps you find the boat which best fits you and your family.” …And she did it all during the peak period of COVID!

Pev & Jon

Jack and Andrea are so knowledgeable and helpful, going above and beyond what a normal broker would. From the listing, staging of the boat to get pictures just right, assisting as we get the boat in the best condition possible through negotiating the best deal, their experience is invaluable. To top it all off they bring a level of honesty and integrity to the process not often seen in the boat business. We look forward to working with the on our next boat search!!

Jenn & Darlene